One of our core areas of business surrounds the secure movement of Section 5 classified cargo’s – Weapons and Ammunition. Having dealt with these cargo’s for over 2 decades, our customers can have total confidence knowing their Section 5 consignments are being transported under full compliance.

Our Section 5 experience extends beyond the United Kingdom, with European consignments on a very frequent basis, we have the ability to transport these sensitive commodities throughout the continent under full compliance. We pride ourselves on our secure movements of various Munitions, Weapons and Class 1 Explosives throughout the United Kingdom to Europe, and Scandinavia.

Recent world events have highlighted, and continue to highlight the importance of security surrounding the safe transportation of Section 5 items due to their nature. With this in mind, we ensure we always create a logistical solution that reflects the cargos being transported.

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We have, and will continue to travel anywhere you want us to go!

Our ethos of go anywhere remains at heart. Our dedicated operations team have extensive knowledge surrounding the necessary permits and country specific requirements of transporting Weapons and Ammunition. This will give you, the customer, total peace knowing your shipment is being transported under full compliance.

We continually re-invest within our equipment to ensure we can provide the most secure logistics package for our customers – an area we proud ourselves upon. For more information, please explore our Fleet page.


As you could imagine, the regulations surrounding the transportation of such sensitive cargo’s are fairly strict, where licenses are required to legally handle cargo’s which fall under the Section 5 classification. Fortunately, we hold two variants of the Section 5 licence – a testimony to our continued pursuit of compliance. Please expand the tabs below to find out more information on the variants we currently hold.

Obtaining a Section 5 Licence is a very complex task with on-going reviews to ensure the licence is always justified. Having held the licence since 1998, we have not only understood the continually tightened regulations, but we have demonstrated a safe and legal manner of transporting prohibited Section 5 Weapons and Ammunitions for two decades!

Our Section 5 licence grants us the ability to legally transport Section 5 items within the borders of the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland).

As outlined in the above tab, we hold a Section 5 Licence for the United Kingdom. Complementary to this, we also hold an Article 45 Licence, a Section 5 equivalent for the Province of Northern Ireland.

This licence can be extremely hard to obtain, and one that we are very proud to hold given the extensive security regulations in Northern Ireland. Having operated in this region for a number of years, our team can advise on the security requirements for all Section 5 shipments, including those which require Armed Escorts from the point of entry to delivery.

As our customer, you can ensure we will use all of our past experiences of Northern Ireland in order to provide a safe, legal and efficient logistics solution when exercising in this province.

Our history of Section 5 movements is a testimony to our experience of securely transporting such sensitive items. Whether it’s the movement of a single weapon, or the movement of 72,000, we have the expertise, equipment and compliance to cater all requirements.


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