In order to service the demands of our customers in the field of secure Defence Logistics, we have continually invested in the most modern and highest specification equipment to comply with all regulations throughout Europe.

Such is the company’s commitment to quality and excellence.

EXII Specialist Vehicles

If time and speed is the priority, we feel our fleet of smaller EXII vehicles could be the most time-effective and cost-efficient solution for you! Please click below to explore our EXII fleet.

>   EXII Specialist Vehicles


EXII Side Opening Van

In 2012, we commissioned a bespoke side opening vehicle to transport longer cargos our regular EXII fleet cannot load. The side opening doors mean we can utilise the full 4m of bed space! Having proven itself in a working environment, we re-updated this vehicle is 2018. Please click below to explore this vehicle in further detail.

>   EXII Side Opening Van


EXIII Specialist Vehicles

In order to service the larger requirements, we have an ever growing fleet of EXIII trucks ready to transport your cargo to wherever you would like us to go! Please click below to explore our EXIII fleet.

>   EXIII Specialist Vehicles


Heavy Lift Capability

During the end of 2016, we took delivery of our Bespoke EXIII 80T DAF / Kässboher combination! More information of this addition can be found following the link below.

>   Heavy Lift Capability


Ekeri Trailers

In order to compliment our fleet of EXIII trucks, why not utilise our fleet of EKERI trailers. This combination is the flagship of our fleet! Please click below to explore the full benefits of an EKERI trailer, which ensures your cargo is never compromised.

>   EKERI Trailers


Refridgerated Units

Whilst Class 1 ADR Explosives and Section 5 Weapons / Ammunition may be our primary cargo’s, we also exercise daily refrigerations tasks on behalf of the United States Air Force. Please click below to learn about various other tasks we exercise on a daily basis.

>   Refridgerated Vehicles


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