The other side of our core business is the secure transportation of ADR Class 1 Explosives across the United Kingdom, Europe and Internationally. With a dedicated team that has extensive knowledge surrounding the legalities of transporting such dangerous goods, we always ensure security and compliance is never compromised, regardless of how much Net Explosive Content (NEQ/NEM) is carried.

Whether the movement of Class 1 Explosives is a domestic move within the UK, or a multi tranche shipment of Ammunition to a foreign government, our talented team have a vast amount of knowledge which is used to create a bespoke logistic solution, and one that remains compliant at all times.

Over the years, our prestigious reputation has been partly built upon serving many foreign companies and Governments with the movement of complex Class 1 consignments. With the ability to obtain and arrange  Transit Permits and Armed Guards for many countries, we can ensure the consignment is moved legally at all times. Whilst each shipment is unique, we advise you to contact our Operational team to discuss your requirements.

Due to the sensitive nature surrounding ADR Class 1 Explosives, we have built a dedicated fleet of EXII & EXIII vehicles to the highest specifications. We have the ability to complete Class 1 consignments ranging from state-of-the-art weaponry, to global multi-tranche shipments.

Every vehicle is fitted with (24/7) GPS Satellite Tracking, allowing us to give our customers real-time updates as the task develops. Each member of staff is SC Cleared and experience in the handling of UN ADR Class 1, many of whom are ex-military themselves.

As the company organically grows, so do our operations. With a team that has a wealth of knowledge and a global partner network, we have the ability to offer global logistic solutions for Section 5/UN ADR Class 1. Whether you require our dedicated vehicles, or the charter of an aircraft or vessel – we have the capability to provide logistic solutions that fit your requirements.

Centenary – Battle of the Somme

Whilst we take pride in the work we do, it was an honorable moment to be tasked with the delivery of Class 1 Ammunition to Authuille, France. This consignment was destined for the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery in order to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.

kings troop royal horse artillery somme july 2016
kings troop royal horse artillery somme july 2016 2
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EXIII - Ekeri

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