As with other equipment within our fleet, security has always been at the forefront of any investment. Subsequently, we were the first company in the Defence sector to introduce the EKERI Trailer. Our bespoke trailers feature unrivalled quality and enhanced security features, an addition that was warmly welcomed by the UK MOD. In fact – this subsequently led to the UK MOD purchasing their own vast fleet of EXIII EKERI Trailers!

Increased customer demand across the UK, Europe and Scandinavia has led to our fleet of EXIII EKERI Trailers expanding once again – with our 6th addition due to arrive during Q4 2018. As we expand our operations, we are finding a vast majority of our customers are specifically requesting these trailers as a result of the unrivalled level of security they offer, not to mention their versatility when loading.

The side-opening doors is a characteristic the EKERItrailer is renowned for, allowing us access the entire bed space and thus increase load efficiency. This creates a hassle-free loading scenario, regardless if the cargo is multiple pallets of Class 1 munitions, or complex weapon systems which must follow a set loading pattern.

Whilst our EXIII EKERI’s primarily deal with the secure transportation of UN/ADR Class 1 Explosives and Section 5 Weapons, we are finding more and more customers are requesting our trailers for the movement of High Value/PMM Assets, regardless of their non-dangerous nature. This is a result of Ekeguard, EKERI’s software and features which offer outstanding security.


Our fleet of bespoke EXIII EKERI Trailers are equipped with a number of additional security enhancing features under “EkeGuard”. Ekeguard introduces the following security measures: restricts accesss to cargo to only those authorised.

♠  Airborne Markings – Each of our bespoke EXIII EKERI Trailers feature a unique, high resolution airborne recognition markings as per MOD guidelines to enhance visibility from the air.

♠  Locking System – Our trailers feature a pneumatic central locking system, where EkeGaurd’s software will report any unauthorised access. Once the vehicle and trailer is stationary, the system will monitor the trailer for any irregularities, which when found, will activate the alarm system.

♠  Alarm System – EkeGuard introduces a comprehensive alarm which monitors the trailers functions. When a security alert is detected, SMS messages are sent to pre-selected numbers to ensure action is taken immediately.

♠  GSM & GPS – EkeGuards reports the trailer’s GPS co-ordinates to pre-selected mobile phones or through the internet, ensuring we can always monitor this, alongside our own GPS software. EkeGuard can also be remotely controlled through the use of our pre-selected mobile phones.

As a result of our continued support to EKERI trailers, we have featured in a number of publications on their behalf. As you can see from the attachments below, we are extremely proud to represent EKERI in such a way. Our recent addition of our 5th EXIII EKERI is a testimony to how high we regard these trailers, which results in us owning the largest commercial fleet of such trailers.

With customers from the UK, Europe and Scandinavia all vowing to use to our EKERI trailers, our fleet is an area that will continue to go from strength to strength.

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