Since 1997, we have been involved in a range of high profile projects. Such projects have allowed us to demonstrate one of the key strengths the company was founded upon – total project management. Below are a number of examples of such project management, where our dedicated team at Logistical Support Services manage the project from the very start to completion for a variety of our customers:

We have been involved in many demilitarization projects over the years, utilising all methods of transport in order to complete the tasks at hand. These were in accordance with the 2008 Oslo accord for the demilitarization of Cluster Weapons, of which there were 108 signatories in 2013.

♠ 171 Dedicated Truck Movements
♠ 280 Rail Van Movements
♠ 560 Dedicated Shuttle Truck Movements

Total MLRS Pods Moved:

Total NEQ Moved (kgs):

Throughout our history we have held and still hold multiple contracts with the UK MoD, one of which was surrounding the SA80 Weapons Upgrade. We were proud to be awarded this contract by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence.

This contract spanned over 3 years, consisting of high security weapons movements between UK Military Bases and Heckler & Koch (Oberndorf, Germany). We are pleased to report that every movement was completed on schedule without any incident.

Total Weapons Moved (Approx):

In additional to our Defence customers, we also provide assistance to various European nations. We are very proud to have been assiting the Royal Netherlands Ministry of Defence with complete logistical solutions for the past 14 years, and still on-going!

During 2015/16/17 and continuing into 2018, we supply the following logistical support to the Ministerie van Defensie for exercises in the United Kingdom:

♠ 722 Coaches 
♠ 99 Low Loader/General Transport Movements
♠ 102 Crane Hires (50T – 100T)
♠ 69 Transports of Class 1 Explosives (Port – Exercise & Return)

Total Pax moved:


Over the past few years, we have built a very positive rapport with the United States Air Force, not only providing daily tasks for them (Read more here) but we have demonstrated our capabilities by providing complete logistical solutions to countries as far as Scandinavia, Greece and more. A brief overview can be found below:

Bodø Main Air Station (Norway)

Informed USAF biggest peace time movement of equipment in Europe.

♠ Date of Operation: September 2013
♠ 40 Dedicated Truck Loads of Ground Support Equipment (inc. ADR Hazardous Loads & Semi Low Loaders)

Souda Bay (Greece)

Informed U.S. Naval Support Activity (NSA)

♠ Date of Operation: February 2014
♠ 14 Dedicated Truck Loads of Ground Support Equipment (inc. ADR Hazardous Loads & Semi Low Loaders)

Šiauliai International Airport (Lithuania)

In support of United States Air Force deployment in support of the NATO Baltic Air Patrol to Siauliai International Airport.

♠ Date of Operation: December 2014
♠ 18 Dedicated Truck Loads of Ground Support Equipment (inc. ADR Hazardous Loads, Semi Low Loaders and Service Support)

Zadar Air Base (Croatia)

In support of an United States Air Force deployment to Zadar Airbase.

♠ Date of Operation: January 2017
♠ 10 Dedicated Truck Loads of Ground Support Equipment (inc. ADR Hazardous Loads Semi Low Loaders and Service Support)

During the latter end of 2015, we were very honoured to be involved with a multi-nation exercise (United Kingdom MoD – Estonian MoD). We were tasked with providing a complete logistical solution combining both road and sea freight to move a large amount of munition from the Untied Kingdom to Estonia.

By devising this task into a “multi-tranche” operation, we were able to arrange transport and shipping to Denmark, for onwards shipping directly to Estonia to ensure the risk of compromising the cargo is minimised. We are pleased to reported every shipment was completed on schedule and without any incident. Below is a brief overview of this task:

♠ Date of Operation: 2015-16
18 Truck Movements of Ground Support Equipment
Methods of Transportation: 
Road + Sea

Total Munition Moved (kgs):

Total NEQ Moved (kgs):

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