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With the aviation industry continually expanding, the accessibility of which has followed the same path. As costs begin to reduce, the use of aircraft/air freight is becoming a more viable option for our customers. With a strong global network of compatible airlines/airports and regulations, we have the ability to explore any air freight option that may seem reasonable. Whether it’s a single pallet of inert cargo that is required urgently, or numerous pallets of UN ADR Class 1/Section 5 which requires the charter of an aircraft, you can guarantee service levels that are renowned with the LSS brand.

However, recent events around the world have reinforced the importance of security in order to combat the threat against safety, an area which heightens with the airline and maritime industry.

Security is an aspect that remains at our heart, where we endeavour to give each and everyone of our employees receive comprehensive training to ensure all goods are handled with the care required. In relation to Air Freight, our employees have received training for Aviation Security (to Level D AVSEC/CASP). This allows you, the customer, to have total confidence your consignment/cargo is being transported securely and under full compliance of the Aviation Security Regulations (as created by the Department for Transport) at all times.

If you wish to discuss Air Freight further, please contact the office in order to discuss your requirements and begin to create a logistics solution that fits with you.

We have, and will continue to travel anywhere you want us to go!

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